Monthly Missions Report


Dear Friends and ministry partners LWM has expanded it's ministry outreach in 2009 to provide monthly food and support to thepoor in the foreign nations of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Liberia, Cameroon, Haiti, India and the Phillipine Islands.

Someone once said "Salavation is free, but ministry cost! Please know, we need your help! The following are our various ministry accomplishments thus far:"

  • LWM- America

  • foodbankWe provide monthly support to the Central Union Mission in Washington DC, which is a ministry to the homeless; Feed the Children in America; and referals for the hungry to Food for others in Northern, Virginia. For our local and national mission's outreach effort in the USA, we allocate resources every month to feed the poor, needy, homeless, and hungry families in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and around America.

    foodbank We are mentoring youth and youth and young adults; ministering to adults on personal affairs and financial counselling. We also provide some forms of assistance to individuals in need, single parents and widows upon request. We evangelise by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with individuals on a one-on-one basis, in small group settings and/or in churches.

  • LWM Orphanage Projects in Kenya and India

  • indian_kidsWe thank God that the construction of the Lenny Wells Home of Love in Nakuru, Kenya and Chennai, India is now complete. We welcome and need your on-going support for the care of the poor and needy children living at both Homes of Love orphanages.
  • LWM Africa Ministries/Care of Orphans and Widows

  • 1. LWM currently provides monthly support for 42 fatherless youth/teenage street boys at the LWM Transformation Center in Nairobi, Kenya. LWM provides housing,beds,clothing,food,medication for malaria treatment,voactional training,computer training,life skills,and a loving environment with spiritual development and mentoring.
    2. LWM supports several improvished widow families living in Kenya and Uganda. This includes mothers and grandmothers who are caring for children struggling in abject poverty and reduced to surving on the benevolence of others for food.
    3. LWM also helps to support monthly several other existing ministries to feed hungry/orphan children.
    4. LWM supports a school breakfast feeding program for orphans in Tanzania and Liberia.
    5. LWM support monthly orphan children at our Home of Love orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya.
    6. LWM empowers widows to care for their families through small business enterprises.
    7. LWM has planted 2 churches in Kenya called Amazing Love Fellowship International.
    8. LWM supported school building and church planting projects (Kenya and Liberia)