Malaria Treatment and Mosquito Net Fund

Malaria is the greatest killer of people in Africa. It kills more people than AIDS and war. The age group that is really affected is the children. Lenny Wells Ministry International is committed to see that the children in Africa are not wiped out by this killer-disease. In view of this commitment, we have started a Malaria Eradication Fund. This fund will go a long way in providing money to many African widowed mothers taking care of their children in order that they may buy the medication needed to treat malaria.

Testimony from Uganda, Africa

UgandaJustine is a 5 year-old Ugandan girl, who had fallen ill of Malaria and had been sent home from the hospital to await her death since her 78 year-old grand-mother whom she lives with could not afford money to buy her medication.

Pst.LennyGlory be to God, because Pastor Lenny was able to donate a $ 10.00 which enabled Mama Florence (Justine's grand-mother) to buy the medication needed for little Justine.

mud-stick shelterWhen Pastor Lenny visited the Home, he had found Justine lying in tattered beddings in the small house where her family were watching her helplessly as she took her last breath. The home in which they live in is a small mud-stick shelter.

Pst.LennyPastor Lenny was also able to pray for Justin's healing. Three days later when Pastor Lenny visited the Home, he found Justine walking and cheerful unlike her previous condition.

The most happiest part of this case is that Justin will not be included in the statistics of the many children whose lives are cut short due to lack of funds to buy medication.