Micro-Finance Fund

This fund came about as a result of the fact that today there are many young women aged between 25-40 years who have also been left to support their children on their own after their husbands died of AIDS.

tabTo assist them to cope with this situation, we have been providing and lending money to young widows on a case by case basis to start small businesses. The money we provide them goes a long way in assisting them to feed, cloth and send their kids to school with relative ease.


In Kenya we have partnered with various organisations to undertake this project fund. We have partnered with World Link International in a project dubbed 'Giving a Hand Up Project' which supports several widowed women in Nairobi, Kenya. This ministry is under the care of Evangelist Njoki Gatere. Through this fund Pastor Lenny was able to buy two donkeys for the Maasai community in Nairobi, Kenya which was a great blessing for the women who have to walk about 5 miles carrying water on their backs from the river. Read more about our Water for Life Fund

Our desire is to support such women having small businesses